Profile of VSU

VSU is a private limited company specialized in town planning, transportation planning and pollution control. Town planners, transport planners and computer scientists are working together in our engineering consultant's office. The clients are municipalities, project developers and federal authorities. VSU also does research work.

At the federal and national level methods in the field of traffic simulation and traffic forecasting are worked out. Strategic plannings and methods are conceived, too. As far as spatial planning is concerned our office consults by means of traditional engineering and planning services.

Our technical work is characterised by the highly pronounced communication with architects, urban planners and civil engineers. Special qualifications are particularly in traffic master plans, in the integration of land use plans and traffic master plans, in the investigation of impacts of traffic and in the draft of answers concerning town planning and technics. Site planning, concept developments of great recreational facilities, evaluation in the field of "traffic related town planning", the transformation of town and architectural drafts into land use plans as well as expert contributions to environmental impact studies are also main topics of our work.