Sunflower Competition in Bistrita

The task was to prove, that Bistrita people and the Bistrita soil were able to create biomass. The local biomass may be a basis for local produced renewable energy.

The competion took part between the participants of the third forum of the imagine process on Wednesday the 21st of may in the year 2014. About 60 seeds were handed out. The participants were invited to plant, water and nurse their sunflower until the end of the year. The results were sent as one ore a number of fotos to VSU in Herzogenrath. There was made the evaluation.

In fact, there were only three participants who transmitted their results. So the Bistrita people need some more encouragement regarding renewable energy in form of green energy.

The flower

We chose the sunflower (heliantus annuus) King Kong.

King Kong lives up to its name. It is definitely one of the most massive sunflower varieties available. Many of them growing until 6 meters high, and reaching a 1,5 - 3,0 m spread. Each plant may produce masses of multi-headed flowers, averaging 20 - 30 cm in diameter.

The results

To compare the results of the participants, we give figures for the hight, the width of the leaves, the width of the blossom, the nature of the ground and the place. The participants are listed in alphabetical order of the surname.


Participant: Preda Alincuta

Professor at Colegiul National Andrei Muresanu


Hight : 180 cm

Width leaves : until 10 cm

Width blossom: 12 cm

Ground: flowerpot

Place: Balcony

Comment of the evaluation team: A really great result regarding the bad conditions (balcony, small flowerpot and much shadow). Preda Alincuta shows, that it is possible to get plants and seeds also on not so convenient locations.


Participant: Magda Otniel

Pupil at Liceul Teoretic Sanitar


Hight: 280 cm

Width leaves: 25 cm

Width blossom: 35 cm

Ground: Garden near a garden path

Place: sunny

Comment of the evaluation team: The width of the blossom is larger than the usual plants of this kind. The special nursing and fertilizing gave rise to a bigger blossom and a smaller plant (in comparision to the potential hight of about 6,0 m). So the method of Magda Otniel is suitable to produce more seeds.



Participant: Ioan Papoi

Consilier at Primaria Municipiului Bistrita


Hight: 380 cm

Width leaves: 25 cm

Width blossom: 25 cm

Ground: Natural Garden

Place: sunny

Comment of the evaluation team: Ioan Papoi created the biggest plant of the participants. It hat a very convenient location and obviously an appropriate nursing with special fertilizer to maximise the hight. So it is proved, that in Bistrita the production of green energy, here in form of sunflowers, is possible in principle.

All the participants get the awarded prize money of 500 lei. Every one of them had a special success: Preda Alincuta realized a great result under bad conditions. Magda Otniel had the biggest blossoms and thatfore the best method to produce seeds. Ioan Papoi had the best method to creat biomass in total.

The price money shall be overhanded. Place and time will be anounced soon.