Imagine Bistritz


The Imagine Project 

developed in the framework of the European Programme Interreg IV C

Bistrita Municipality is a partner together with: Munchen (Germany), Lille (France), Figueres (Spain), Dobrich (Bulgaria), Milton Keynes (U.K.), Modena (Italy), Hafen City Hamburg University (Germany). The lead partner is Energy Cities (Besancon - France).

The general objectives of the project:

the dialogue between stakeholders, drafting the local vision of energy for the year 2050

integrating the results of this participative process into local authorities? policies and local action plans.

Project duration: 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2014


In the year 2014 there are to be held three forums to discuss the vision and the way to reach the goal

First forum: 26.02.2014 - Presentations Dr. Baum pdf

Low energy cities - Forum1 as PDF

Low energy cities - Forum1 Aspects as PDF

Low energy cities - Forum1 Viziune as PDF

Picture gallery - Forum1


Second forum: 09.04.2014 - Presentations Dr. Baum pdf

Low energy cities - Forum2 some hints as PDF

Low energy cities - Forum2 energy yearbook as PDF

Low energy cities - Forum2 timber constuction as PDF


Third forum: 21.05.2014 - Presentation Dr. Baum PDF

Low energy Cities - Forum3 annual energy book as PDF


In the end we had a small competition between the participants of the third forum. There was to prove, that the soil, the climate and the people of bistrita in combination were able to produce green energy. For that purpose we choose the sunflower "King Kong". The seed was distributed at the forum, the results were sent via foto and email until the mid of December. The results you find here.


Innovation renewable energy and power-saving technology

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